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Thread: Firmware 4.2e?

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    Firmware 4.2e?

    Hi I am totally new to the wii scene and have just chipped my Wii. Almost every game I have works fine but a few games works for a few min and then a screen pops up and says I should insert the dvd. Read around a bit and saw that 4.2e is not good to have which is ofcourse the version I have on my Wii so I have tried to find a downgrade guide for it but cant find any, the closest is 4.2 wish I guess is not the same as 4.2e. Any one who knows anything or have any tips on what I should do with my Wii so it all games work?

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    4.2 is just an abbreviation of the version. There is always a letter after, representing the localisation of the firmware (e steps for Europe, u for U.S. and j for Japan). So a 4.2 guide is probably good for you, to the condition it is mentioned in it that it works whatever the localisation of the firmware. Nevertheless be careful, guides are most often localisation dependent ; you should read them carefully because you will have to follow different steps/download different files according to the localisation of your firmware.
    Furthermore, you should know that downgrading one's wii can be a dangerous sport that should be avoided as much as possible and done only when one is sure there is no other ways to do what one wants to do. Just one instance : Maybe you will be able to find a downgrading tutorial corresponding perfectly to your firmware version and will think it is okay. But if your wii is recent, it is actually built in such a way that it just supports recent firmwares, and downgrading this last one will just kill your wii.
    I know it can be boring, but I think you really should start reading some basic stuffs before messing up with your wii, starting with these two:

    FAQ/Vocabulary of softmoding

    What you should never do on your Wii except if you want to kill it

    Then I will stop there, because although I do not look like, I am more close to the noob than the expert and I just know nothing about chips.
    But I also think that if you want people to solve your problem, you should give more information such as

    What chip model(including chip firmware version)?
    When did you buy your wii?
    Which backups are not working?
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    donīt downgrade. Update your IOS, use the link in my sig, search in the thread the game you want to play and see which IOS it needs, then install it

    If I did help you, click on the thanks button , itīs free
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