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Thread: New HBC Update 1.0.7 messed up my hard drive?!

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    New HBC Update 1.0.7 messed up my hard drive?!

    I was using HBC 1.0.6 with all my files and apps etc. on an external hard drive and everything worked fine. I updated to the new HBC 1.0.7 and the apps started to not find my hard drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated - even how to properly uninstall and reinstall the HBC. Thanks in advance!

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    I couldn't tell you how updating the homebrew channel killed your HDD because it doesn't seem possible to me but I can tell you how to re-install the homebrew channel. Go into your system menu and delete your current homebrew channel just like you would any other channel and then run the Hackmii installer again choosing just to install the homebrew channel.

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