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Thread: an wii update hooker (just an idéa)

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    Question an wii update hooker (just an idéa)

    ok i resenly found that windows 7 can create hoc-network that allows other components to connect to wifi so basic you culd connect your wii to your pc direct so you culd maby trick the wii so it thinks thats the wii downloading a uppdate but it just downloading files from your pc and then it will reboot. And Team Twiizers culd maby make a thats doing this and the fake update will install the homebrew channel from your pc but the hard thing i think it is how to figure out how the wii updater works and how to make the program/server thats make your wii downloade it...
    if this even possible

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    One question....why??? This really isn't needed or useful...
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    i think it wuld work for all wii firmeware

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    Ok...good luck with the project!
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Yes you can set up an ad hoc network with your pc but your wii will not connect to it.

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    i think i know how to fix that i got one problem i need someting that finds package thats send to the pc any one know??


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