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Thread: Semi Briked.Help Please.

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    Semi Briked.Help Please.

    I was given a Wii from a friend of a friend.
    When I turn it on I get a v.028 Pre-loader screen.

    I can't get to the system menu it say no ticket found.
    I can't get to The Home Brew Channel it says no title found.

    The lower left corner says IOS 30 and system menu v 289 that should be 3.2U if I'm not mistaken.

    The strange thing is the serial # is LU64 so I'm guessing that someone tried to downgrade the system menu and screwed something up.

    I tried the wii-system-menu-update-USA-v289-repad disk, but I put it in and nothing happens.

    Do I need to be able to get to HBC or the system menu for this DVD to work?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Check this out, maybe you can fix it.
    3.2E, HBC 1.0.8, cIOS38 Rev17, cMIOSv8 Rev3, NGL R8, GCBL 0.2, PriiLoader 0.3 Rev43, StarFall 0.5, BootMii@Boot2

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    Thanks for the link, but i;m not sure this will help.

    One of the steps it to download the system menu for Wii and region before it was bricked.

    I'm not exactly sure what that was because it came to me this way.

    Someone before me screwed it up.

    Thanks anyway.



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