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Thread: Wii screen goes black when i try to start game

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    Wii screen goes black when i try to start game

    the wii will load up fine but once i click on the game and press start the screen goes black and shuts down my controller. plus the only way to power it down is to unplug everything. Also i had tried to softmod my wii around 6 months ago but could never get it working so gave up on it but it would still play the games if i used actual disc. Now it won't do that. If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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    You have no cIOS installed. Translation: whatever softmod guide you followed, you didn't do it correctly. This post/thread is rife with zero information like system menu/region, guide you have or followed.

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    I apologize if i'm not giving you enough information to help me out. I'm a complete newb so i really do appreciate the help if you are willing to give it. Truth be told im not sure how to give you the information you need. I just did notice though that it will play all my other wii games but when i try to play super mario galaxy 2 it gives me all the problems i stated. It's telling me my system menu IOS is 60 if that helps and its an ntsc region wii if that helps. As to what guide im not sure i tried to give to do it with a buddy of mine because i thought he would do a better job at following than myself and he did most of the downloading/following of whatever guide he used. If i can give you any more info please just tell me

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    oh and it says system menu v449 and preloader v0.29 if that helps you

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    If SM runs off IOS 60, then it's either 4.0 or 4.1; you need to follow dogegg's guide for any 3.1-4.1 Wii. The wiimote switching off when you load a loader is a classic sign of no cIOS. A black screen can also be encountered when your system is missing a required IOS that a game needs to run. We do have guides for games, look here (includes SMG2). Follow dogegg's any 3.1-4.1 guide (linked below) and install Priiloader --- enable hacks for blocking updates (one for disc-based, one for online-based).


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    As many of you know that 4.3 was released there are thread to discuss it, and to modify it.

    Below are some basics that you will need on your journey!!

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    There are two different routes that you can choose for modding your wii. You can either Hard-mod your wii with mod-chips or you can Soft-mod. We have a in-house trusted supplier for mod-chips Here, very trusted site, and great customer service. When and if you going to hard-mod your wii there is a great section here on the forum. Mod-Chip Section
    On the Flip-Side you can soft-mod you wii using only a SD Card... The guides that are here have been tried and tested and do work... DON'T FOLLOW FAIL-TUBE VIDS.... The first step that you need to do is find out what system menu version your wii is. After you find out that piece of information there are two guides that you can use.
    If you are on 3.1-4.1 system menu you can use the guide by dogeggs: [[Guide]]
    If you are on the 4.2 system menu the you can use the guide by Shadowsonic2: [[Guide]]
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    Quote Originally Posted by uknohoo View Post
    oh and it says system menu v449 and preloader v0.29 if that helps you
    OK, before you do anything else --- generate a syscheck as outlined here.

    Also, when you have more information like this little tidbit it's best to use the edit function and add it to the previous post.

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    Thank you very much for the advice. Curious question tho... would it be easier for me to take my wii back to a virgin state with factory settings than to try and do this mod again? or is the mod pretty easy to do if i follow step by step?....Thank you again for all your patience with me

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    No, it's unnecessary and you need to generate an IOS report as I just suggested. It should likely tell me or others what is or what is not going on and a starting point for trouble-shooting.

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    apologize for the delay but when i downloaded syscheck it only gave me 4 icons boot dol. , boot elf. , icon and meta...i cant find the sys check folder it says i have to drag and paste

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    Create the folder yourself within the /apps folder of your SD card and place the files inside it and then launch HBC.

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