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Thread: Playing AVI files crashes wii

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    Playing AVI files crashes wii

    I have a problem playing avi videos on the wii. I have searched and searched for an answer, but have found none. Here are the details: I have a ton of home videos shot with our camera that produces avi files. I originally installed wiimc v1.0.4. The avi vidoes played, but they were very choppy, and the sound was way off of the action. When wiimc v1.0.5 came out, I installed the new version and the new IOS 202. I had no problems with v1.0.5 seeing my USB drive, so I tested the avi files. Now, it crashed the wii with a core dump. When v1.0.6 came out, I tried a couple of things:

    1. Installed wiimc v1.0.6 with the new IOS 202. Played an avi and it crashed the wii
    2. Downgraded IOS 202 to Hermes version 5.1, and tried playing an avi in v1.0.6. Crashed the wii.
    3. Converted an .avi to .mp4 format. Played in wiimc v1.0.6 with new CIOS 202. Crashed the wii.
    4. Other .mp4 (purchased from iTunes) play just fine in v1.0.4, v1.0.5, and v1.0.6 of wiimc, and looks great.
    5. Tried playing avi in MplayerCE. Crashed the wii.
    6. Tried playing avi in Wiixplor. Got message of 'unable to play file' or something very similar.
    7. Tried playing avi via smb on a different computer. Crashed the wii.

    I will add that the avi files that crash the wii play just fine on a computer.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! This is the only thing holding me back from having my wii be a total multi-media solution for me.

    I am running CIOS38V17 and Hermes 5.1 custom IOS except for 202 which I am running the latest from wiimc.

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    Try on your computer:

    Use gSpot to check what codec is used in the files. maybe WiiMC doesn't support this codec.

    Try to convert them to DivX or Xvid, and then play them

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    Ah! the codec. Wish I had thought of that.....

    I converted one of the files to DivX, and it played just fine on the Wii. Woo hoo!!

    I ran gSpot, and the codec is MJPG. I did a quick search, and couldn't find what codecs Wiimc supports. I will do a more thorough search later.

    But, I am good for now. I will convert my files to DivX.

    Thanks for your help!!


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