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Thread: Wii Backups Not working on 4.2U

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    Unhappy Wii Backups Not working on 4.2U

    Hey guys, i recently modded my wii (which i have had for about 3 years now...) and i followed a good tutorial, and everything was fine. I have 4.2U and the homebrew channel and NeoGamma r8 rev15, and everything else i think should be there. I tried burning an ISO of New Super Mario Bros. with a program called ImgBurn at 4x speed on Maxwell DVD+RW 4.7gig. Everything worked fine and i put it in the wii and used NeoGamma to load it. and the game works fine. I then tried with Trauma Center and that game worked fine as well...but now i tried the same process with Bleach Versus Crusade, and Mario Galaxy 2, and i am getting errors on both of them right after i use there something i need to update? or am i just doing something else wrong

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    You will have to tell us what errors or exactly what is happening since they are good clues to understand your situation. Also you should try to search the site to see if those specific games have or need any workarounds to get running.


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