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    Us Wii Fusion functionality

    I've just installed the wii fusion and have not done anything further then trying to play a professional game and get the error has occured please press eject and restart your wii screen. As per the website dvd play will not work, but does that mean that even professional dvd's will not? Obviously burned games will not and there's a 50% chance that I have the D4 drive per wiidrives and the chip has no identifying marks further indicating the D4 drive. I have yet to update to v1.3 and will try the SD option today to see if that works ok after updating if necessary. Could the chip be bad since it won't play professional dvd's if it should? I have the jumpers set according to the region code on the website and have properly insulated and installed the cables. thanks for all the replies in advance!

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    Check your connections between the ribbon cables-Wii-Wiikey Fusion-DVD drive, a slight missplace then you will get errors like you mentioned.

    Backup games on burned DVD will not work on D3/D4 Drives. You will be able to play these games from Wiikey Fusion SD card reader. Install WBFS manager which can be downloaded from website, do your update and play your backed up games from SD card reader or your original from the DVD drive, remember that if you have Wii system 4.2 or higher then you will be only be able to play your own region games (original or from SD.) I have tried regionfree and other software with no success as the new system have different type of checking the regions.

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    Hey I agree with wiidriver.

    Little note of warning though.

    I've noticed that the 64 bit version of the WBFS 4.0 tool from the wiikey site doesn't always put the games correctly on the SD card.
    Use the 32bit version on Windows XP if possible, and be sure to add one game at a time, there's a bug (found it wile troubleshooting with wiikey support) if you add multiple games simultaniously, it'll mess up the transfer somehow.

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    Us Help!!!!!

    I have a older Wii with the wii key installed and it is flaky at best, i have yet to load a game off the sd card but have no issues updating the firmware as long as the wii key has is seen on boot (another issue as well), for a chip that is suppossed to be so easy, why am i so frustrated, i have reset all cables and occasionally i do see the wii key in my wii OS but as far as getting it to work ---"pffft" and with a hard reboot and no sd card present i can get the dvd drive to work with my purchased original games I'd like to use backups, simply because we as consumers get robbed everytime we buy one

    wiikey firmware is 1.4
    my wii is running 4.2u (united states)

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    When I play original DVDs, I shutdown the WII, remove the SD card and start the WII normally, at once I can hear the drive is active and put in DVD and play as usual, and for play from SD, I do the opposite, eject the DVD, shutdown WII, insert SD card and start up WII and I get the GC logo on the disc channel...

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    Hey Guys,

    Thing is: as soon as there is an SD card in the cardreader at boot of the wii the wiikey will 'emulate' a dvd drive.
    as such you will not be able to use the dvd reader of the wii. Booting up the wii with both something in the SD reader and a disc in the dvd drive will cause issues.

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    Having both a SDcard and a DVD in de player doesn't give me any problems.
    The DVD is disabled as soon as there's a SDcard in the slot, so you might aswel leave the gamedisk in there.


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