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Thread: Help!! Installed Wasabi Chip. Cannot read disc...

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    Help!! Installed Wasabi Chip. Cannot read disc...

    First off, this is what i have:
    Firmware Version 3.3u
    D2E chip with soderless Wasabi V3 with clip installed (bought from Canada Mods)
    Verbatim dvd-r discs made in Taiwan burned via Imgburn at 4x speed

    Installed it, got the green light on the Wasabi chip. I put it back together. My original Wii Sports game worked just fine. Then i put in a backup game and all i get is a "cannot read disc" error. I tried 3 other backed up games and they all gave me that same message. Any ideas on how i can get these to work? I thought i did my homework on this modding stuff but maybe i missed something.

    thanks everyone!
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    2 days later and no one has any suggestions?
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    dun-dunna-dah!! smasher is here to help!! sorry bad intro right?

    anyways, try checking to see if ur chip is seated properly on the wii drive.
    I am the SSBB master...

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    Thanks for the help! It seems to be on properly. I got the green light to come on with no problem. After i put everything back together, i turned it back on. Everything seems to function ok. I can get my regular Wii discs to work but when i stick in one of my now 6 backups in, all i get is a "cannot read disc" error with the infamous question mark on the screen. I have the Homebrew channel installed but ive been told by others that that wouldn't effect me playing backups.

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    I'm having the same problem with a D2C chipset and a D2Cpro 21 wire with clip. I have noticed some of the pins on the clip are shiny and could be bent, I don't know how or why. I've ordered a new clip to try to see if it makes a difference. Might be worth checking the pins on your clip too.

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    If there is bent pins on the clip, would the green light come on at all?? I wouldn't think it would if the pins where bent.
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    To be honest I'm really not sure, I think you would need someone more knowledgeable to answer that but with mine the games are being recognised but not loading so maybe, but don't take my word on it lol!!!!!!!

    Good luck though, I hope you get it sorted soon

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    Thanks for atleast trying to help. I cannot even get CANADA MODS to respond to me. I even sent a private message to Spyman but he didn't answer either. Very frustrating! I'm starting to feel that this site is actually ran by Canada Mods and that their "good reviews" are made up. Sorry for the bitterness but i've spent alot of time working on getting my Wii modded but no luck and no assistance from the people selling me the chip. thanks anyhow.

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    i have the same problem. It errors with referring to manual for troubleshooting. Mentions corruption of some kind. When i put in my newer game (non ori), the console refuses to start. No such problem with my Wii Sports which is an older game

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    hi i had same problem it turned out it was my clip one of the pins was bent and shorting out i had red light on but would not play backups use magnifier to inspect the clip pins it could also affect the disc drive and also affect normal games it all depends on what pin is bent. just something to try hope it gets sorted

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