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Thread: Not sure if this is the right kind of suggestion to post

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    Question Not sure if this is the right kind of suggestion to post

    I am not sure if this has been suggested or even if this is the right place to put this kind of suggestion,

    This is a solution that I think someone should add to there Guide, not sure who, did not find it on ANY wii forums.

    I am new to the wii scene and I had an old wii that had firmwareV1.2E, I did not update nor did I have any new games that forced me to update

    On the Wii Homebrew channel website and every wii forums that I searched on all say update to the latest update via official Nintendo this was ok back then however the current newest update blocks a lot of thing I think even the Homebrew channel and twilight hack are blocked.

    I was stuck as any version of the homebrew channel would give an update system error and not install, no solution was given by anyone.

    My solution is rent or borrow from friend, Super Mario Galaxy, it has a built in update V3.0 that is completely safe and works with all hacks, run the original of Super Mario Galaxy and install update.

    Mods please add this to the appropriate Guide, I donít think I have the skills to make a fitting guide

    Thanks and apologyís if this is the wrong place to post this

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    im gonna tell you what i relized when i made 2 guides for Bleach Soul Carnival on Gamefaqs
    1. no matter what people will ALWAYS ask, because they dont want to read a guide.
    2. if it isnt said in a acceptable way, they will just ask
    "load it off the SD card"
    noob: "wth is 'it' i want to install wad files, tell me how to do that!"
    3. many people dont tell you what YOU yourself want to know, i myself would like to know how risky is it installing .Wad files, that i get from a site like this since i want to play a few wiiware games, and my brother deletes files to add space for useless shit, but ive looked many places, and no one really says that, infact ive only heard in passing of them bricking a wii, when i get my new drive ill probly ask, but things like that, and if there are any real risks in installing out of region VC/Wii ware dont really exist either

    4. just because a guide exists doesnt mean anyone will read it, when i wrote mine i got 5 replies befor it was on page 2 - 5, the search exists, people just naturally assume that their try to make something work or do something is special, "is 3.3 safe to install" for instance, look at how many times its been asked and anwsered on this forum alone -,_-,

    above all there are too many Unique cases, and things people will be intrested in that might be or not be true when they find it, just because 3 months ago wads were risky doesnt mean today they are as risky if at all, the people who ask questions now, will ask questions then with or without a guide, so why bother...

    i think its a decent idea, but you have to think about the ammount of uses it will hold

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    i updated to version 3.2u... i think is the best version yet... also u can also used certain games to update to there... like mario kart.. and metriod i believe.. also i used any region changer to change mine to 3.2u... soo good luck on updating

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