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Thread: Need help with blocking updates and errors on WiiWare WAD

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    Exclamation Need help with blocking updates and errors on WiiWare WAD

    Hello I am new to the forums hope you lot can help, oh and forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place or have been already asked.

    I have recently instilled HBC beta 8 using Twilight hack, and I have tried a few VC games, and was able to boot backup of SMG using cIOS and Backup Launcher 0.3 beta, however I have run into some problem listed below.

    My first problem is I have tried to install Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King PAL WiiWare using WADManager121 (v1.3 did not show up in HBC beta8) and it installed fine and showed as a Wii channel but when I try to launch it, it goes to a blank screen then resets, any idea why (pal wii, Firmware V3.0 and cIOS v6).

    My second question is; is it recommended to use/install Waninkoko update blocker to block any attempt of updates via newer games? If not then please give me the best and safest method to block updates, someone recommended Gecko OS, I have tried Gecko OS however it does not boot backups with out modchip, i have softmod.

    I heard that there is a utility that removes Update files from a ripped ISO, is this a safe and easy way? (Give links to utility and steps please)

    I think there was a way to do something about updates using WIIScrubber1.1Beta I am not clear on this, any info would help.

    Thank you for all and any help provided and sorry for the n00bsh questions, I am a n00b to the Wii scene you’ll have to excuse me (^_^)
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    If your Wii is not PAL then PAL Wiiware/VC will not work, only use ones from same region as your Wii.

    Use Wiu1.1 or Wum to remove updates from iso. Once you run Wiu1.1 you will see how easy and self explanatory it is to use.

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    Thank you jbloggs you have answered all of my previous question.

    Just one last question, I have read somewhere (I think it was a RIC channel canít remember the details) that it is possible and safe to play backups of games like Mario Kart online via Wifi, please can you verify if this is true and if it is possible to play backups online safely without being banned or having the wii bricked on a moded or softmoded Wii console that has cIOS installed and the HBC.

    Thank you for all the help

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    Yes, currently it is safe to play games online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbloggs View Post
    Yes, currently it is safe to play games online.
    Is it safe to play online even if I have wiiware, VC and HBC channel installed also is it safe to play online on firmware V3.0E and cIOSv6?

    And lastly I still couldnít get final fantasy CCMLAK wiiware working all other VC games works, I put it through Freethewads with command ď?Ē and it says that it is PAL region (My wii is pal no MODCHIP only HBC, cIOS and WADManager) however it still did not work, Iím not sure if this makes a difference but I have never gone online on the wii shop channel I see a shop channel but I donít think it is activated.

    Iíve heard that there was a hacked shop channel that can be installed on any Wii firmware version, do I need to install this?

    Please do let me know and thanks for all the help


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