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Thread: Dogeggs tutorial - CIOSinstaller clarification

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    Question Dogeggs tutorial - CIOSinstaller clarification

    followed the dogeggs tutorial successfully but I'd like to clear something up so when I need to update I'll understand what's going on...


    in the dogeggs tutorial STEP 3.d , when ciosInstaller is run, the instruction is to "use" IOS36 and do wad install, what exactly is happening here? why do you have to select IOS36? doesn't CIOS installer always install to 249?


    later in the tutorial in the "UPDATES" section, the instructions say that when updating your CIOS to a new version, run the CIOS installer and select IOS249 as the one it should use and it will overwrite... this makes more sense.. but again I'm confused at the option to select an IOS to "use" when CIOS always installs to location 249.

    any clarification is appreciated

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    You use IOS36 to install cIOS249 on a virgin Wii. If you'll notice one of the steps is trucha bug restorer. This fakesigns IOS36 and allows you to use it to install cIOS.

    So if you need to update your cIOS after modding you can use 249 (Your current cIOS) instead to install the new cIOS. Make sense?
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    What doesn't "make sense" are our users continually creating their own new threads rather than asking in-thread as they should <grrr!>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krank View Post
    ....This fakesigns IOS36 and allows you to use it to install cIOS....
    so when installing new stuff to the Wii, IOS36 is responsible for checking the signature of the new software?... is this unique to IOS36 or is there some other reason that IOS36 is used for a virgin wii instead of another IOS

    (ok i'll keep my questions in the proper thread in the future)

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    No it is not unique to IOS 36. If you want more info about the trucha bug... search and read.

    It is a "fake" implementation of the signature verification process which allows you to sign content.
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