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Thread: Wii Shop / Internet Channel

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    Wii Shop / Internet Channel

    Hey everyone, this may or may not be an easy fix, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Firstly, My wii is currently running 4.3U and is softmodded and I am relatively new, but i do know a thing or two here and there from reading into what i could find - i try to keep updated.

    Second, i heard about the internet channel and figured i could go on the shop channel because my wii was updated before i softmodded only 2 weeks ago. Bear in mind, i haven't been on the shop channel in over a year.

    Ok back to subject, I was wondering, which wad do i need to install to update the wii shop and where can i get it? Or if i can just install the internet channel without the shop channel, that would be excellent! (please give me a link though)

    Sorry if i double posted, i tried to look into a few pages before posting
    Again, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for anyone who replies
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    Use NUS Downloader to get the internet channel and Shop Channel v19...get the wad install with wad manager....

    if you sure in your self you can use dop-mii(guide in my sig)

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    Wow you responded way quicker then i though you would, really appreciated!

    I'll try them and tell you how they went.

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    "One quick question, on the NUS guide, at the end it says that "When installing System Menu ALWAYS install IOS first, then System Menu." Could you explain that to me? what does he mean when he says to install IOS first

    Sorry if this sounds amateur

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    I got the Dop-Mii to work! Thank you sooo much man!! I hope your getting paid for this, cuz you're amazing

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