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Thread: having issues with lego RB instruments

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    having issues with lego RB instruments

    So, I'm having lots of issues since i made some recent updates. I'm trying to get Lego Rock Band to work and it's giving me a fit. I have v 4.1 and Hermes latest installed with Cfg Loader 58a. When I was using 56 I think...LRB worked with all instruments, but now only the mic works....and my wii remote seems to be acting up...and not synching.

    what i've done recently.

    added Hermes 222 and 223 CIOS 222 installer v4
    tried to update CIOS38 V17 on 249 and got error -4100 right off the bat
    tried to load RAWKSD but got a network error
    ran the tutorial for the Hermes updates include trucha and all the trimmings
    loaded CFG loader 56 from 54 and then went to 58 (all to get prince of persia working)

    So here is what I need help with. What do i need to update to get LRB working with instruments? CIOS36? 38? what?

    any help would be apprciated.


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    to get instrument working you need base ios37....

    If you followed stomp's guide ....that should of been 223[37&38](which is also used to load Monster Hunter Tri try loading the game with 223 in cfg select the game press 1 go in the settings and set to load with ios223mload

    the guide
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    things just turned bad. None of my remotes are working anymore. Here's what I tried:

    1) hit the sync button
    2) hold down the 1 + 2 buttons for 30 seconds
    3) hold down the sync button on the wii for 15 seconds
    and all version of the above.

    All I get is 3 blinking lights. I'm wondering if all my hacking has somehow hosed the bluetooth driver in the base system or something.

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    Have you read your Wii manual? There is a sync button on the Wiimote, next to the battery, and the other one is next to the SD card slot. Where do you get "hold down the 1+2 buttons for 30 seconds"?

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    well it wasn't as easy as just holding the sync button down. I had to hold the sync button for 30 seconds...then hit the sync on the console and the remote at the same time...that got one remote, then I did it again for the other remote and back and forth until both showed up. now I just need to figure out the instruments.

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    Thanks for the help...The tutorial was great! I ended up going with the hermes installer v5.1 and just installing all of the recommended IOSs. using the setting recommended and using CIOS249 as the starting base, as i guessed that this was already patched with trucha...which I guess it was.

    In the end I used the 223 IOS in CFG loader for Lego RB. In the past I was using 222, which got hosed somehow. I'm guessing that 222 was created from 38 and 223 from 37 and 37 is needed for LRB.

    I really with someone would teach a class in this stuff. I'm much better at understanding concepts on a white board with a Q&A period. Thanks again.


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