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Thread: OpenAppMkt is a New App Store Alternative [No Jailbreak Required]

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    OpenAppMkt is a New App Store Alternative [No Jailbreak Required]

    OpenAppMkt ó AppStore Alternative No Jailbreak Required!

    OpenAppMkt ó AppStore Alternative No Jailbreak Required!

    This is rather cool, if you donít want to jailbreak your device for whatever reason and you donít like the Apple AppStore, this may be a good alternative for you. OpenAppMkt ó itís an alternative to the AppStore, mainly, and it takes advantage of iPhoneís Web Apps and the coolest part, it requires no jailbreak!

    Ďmember when Steve Jobs was pushing people to create and use iPhone Web Apps? Yeah, itís so long ago. So, OpenAppMkt rounded some up and packed them into one central, nice, and convenient web app.

    iPodTouchHelping demonstrates OpenAppMkt in this video:

    To Install
    OpenAppMkt Ėitís easy:

    1.Open MobileSafari on your device and go to
    2.Once loaded, tap the + button on the bottom of Safari
    and tap ďAdd To Home ScreenĒ (There will be on-screen instructions)
    3.After, the OpenAppMkt web app icon gets added on your Home Screen, youíre ready to rock Ďn roll
    Now that you got OpenAppMkt installed, you can start it up, and start adding web apps onto your home screen ó Sure, you are limited on what web apps can do and such, but itís a great (and free, as far as I know) way to further enjoy your device. Itís also a nice alternative to the AppStore and Cydia. No device slowdown when you jailbreak, this requires no jailbreak.

    As this is fairly new, it may be kind of slow so keep that in mind. Patience, my friend, is a virtue.

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