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Thread: Getting photos off of a Wii

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    Getting photos off of a Wii

    Is it possible, and if so how, to get photos off of a Wii. I put an SD card with photos into my Wii to view them. I then editied them using the Wii's tools to add effect to a photo and saved it. As far as I could tell my only option was to save it to my Wii. Now I want to get that phot off and have it on my computer but I don't know how to do it. I can't see to figure out how to either copy it to another SD card or to email it to my yahoo email.

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    i think all that u would have to do is go into ur memory management and take it from the hardrive and save it to the SD card
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    Yeah, go to memory managment from the settings menu and you can copy from internal flash to the SD card.

    PS: the WII doesnt have an internal hard drive
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    I have tried that. I when to data management. I looked in channels, and the only thing I see is the internet channel. I then went to save data, and then wii. From there all I see saves for all my games, and the internet channel.

    Where am I supposed to go?

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    I heard that you can't save edited photos... o.O

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    Really, I think that is a horrible choice on their part to not allow that.


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