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Thread: Black screen problem

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    Black screen problem

    Hey, I didn't want to post a new thread about this, but it seems everyone's black screen issues are different and its hard to find one specific to my problem. So if someone wouldnt mind helping, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I softmodded my Wii last night following the tutorial on this site (I have 4.2u) and while I haven't gotten around to playing backup games yet, I did borrow some games from someone. I borrowed about 8 games, and some work and some don't. Wii Games, New SMB, Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Party 8 all work, no problems. But when I try to load other games (specifically Wii Sports Resort, NHL 2K10, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), I just get a black screen that requires a hard reset to turn off the Wii.

    What's up here?

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    Look here. The first post includes a link to WSR, look at the second post for the others.

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    Wait, is this for retail games or for backups?

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    Backups! Why would I make a thread on getting retail games to work? Pop them in your drive -- Done. (Long thread)
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I was asking about retail games. I pop them in my drive, hit Start on the main menu and the screen goes black. But only with certain games.

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    Then you are missing the IOS the game needs. Look Here.

    Or there is something wrong with the disc.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    i get same problem i updated from 3.1 to 4.1 had to re-mod wii now i have to run most but not all retail games through neogammer i know there is a fix just not got round to it works through neogammer so i am not to bothered

    give it a go through neogammer and see if they work
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krank View Post
    Then you are missing the IOS the game needs. Look Here.

    Or there is something wrong with the disc.
    If I did the soft-mod of my Wii, wouldn't any IOS I have uninstalled be as a result of the tutorial telling me to do so? The common IOS seems to be IOS55-64-v4633. Anything I can do to fix it?


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