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    Question Wii Cheat Codes

    I was wondering if it were possible to make a cheat code only activate when a button is pressed. I found a code for wii sports that is a 1 hit KO in boxing. I would only like this to activate when I press the 1 button. Is this possible because at the moment the code automatically activate by it's self.

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    Probably be betteroff asking something like this in a cheat code forum (I know they are out there). This forum is for wii hacking, but we don't mess with cheat codes and I doubt anyone would know speciffically what you are reffering to.
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    Thanks for your reply and apologies for wasting your time on this matter.
    Thanks again.

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    why would you want to cheat this totally ruins the game if u do cheat u cant play your backups on-line i really despise people who want to cheat i got xbox 360 play online with COD got someone cheating on there PIS**S me right off, play the game get better at it and win from experience

    goto say sorry if i went on a little or people think im out of order just had to get my point across i do love COD and hate people cheating on it ruins the games when people cheat for me and others


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