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Thread: Reccurring .wbfs USB HDD Nightamare

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    Reccurring .wbfs USB HDD Nightamare

    Hi, evilanton here, long time listener, first time caller. I'm having an issue with my USB hdd wbfs drives, solely dedicated to my wii. I have not attempted to re-size wbfs partition, or anything of the sort, simply going to play wii, like any other day, and lo! my .wbfs partition is no longer in recognizable existence! I found the cure through some intense googling, and using a Hex editor was able to bring games back to life. Now this was an older drive, with 104 titles, and i had suspected a bad version of Samurai Warriors 3 had been the culprit. Few months down the track, new hdd, new wbfs partition, new games, no problems then **BAM**. Same story. About to attempt same repair technique, but is there any underlying cause from the wii side of things? As i previously mentioned, I had not been mucking around with the hdd, just went to play as usual. 4.2 PAL softmodded, using USB loader GX, no issues with anything else. (Apart from sd channel on main channel menu freezes when i try to use it to play wiiware games of SD, no biggie, just freezes with annoying buzz)

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    hi there with regards to the wiiware issue - did you patch your IOS70?
    Not had to much to do with USB Loader GX as i'm a CFG & FAT32 fan.
    Althought i do remember talk of issues with the config file.
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