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Thread: Hellllooooo people!!!!!

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    Hellllooooo people!!!!!

    Im new with the wii, im order the wiikey2 with the clip
    Im going to install it , wish me good look and don create another brick for the wall.

    thanks for the support or advices you can give to don't do a brick, and all the things good for me wii!!!!!

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    hi good luck i dont think you could brick your wii easily i think the only way is if you try to update your wii with diferent region games i am in the uk and tend to stick with pal games, be carefull to align the clip up properly and dont put too much pressure on it you should just feel it go on .

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    Thanks man!

    Thanks man!
    Im in US , Im on NTSC, I wish can play some PAL games with the wiikey 2

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    you should be able to with the chip, but be carefull some games have updates on them, not many but if you choose to update with pal you will be in trouble.

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