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Thread: How do I no if it's soft modded chipped

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    How do I no if it's soft modded chipped

    I'm fairly new to this chipping and stuff, I took my wii to a mod shop to get it chipped, come out and tried it at home and it wouldn't work so we rang them up and said how do we play Bali games on our wii, they there should be two new channels on ur wii, one should be neo gamma and one should be USB loader gx, so then we took it back to them and they said they hadn'toaded the software onto it properly, so if this has happened to anybody before and they no what it is soft or chipped pls help.

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    Can you play games through the disc channel? If not then you're probably not chipped. Only way to know for sure is to open it up, but that would give you a pretty good idea if you can't.

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    what type of games, games other than pal games dont play in the disc channel i can only play them thru neo gamma. dam mod shop ripped us of $180.


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