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Thread: Help with Softmod / Firmware Upgrade from 2.1E (PAL)

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    Help with Softmod / Firmware Upgrade from 2.1E (PAL)

    OK Guys Need a little advice,

    My friend has never connected his wii to the internet and its an early model with firmware 2.1E (PAL)

    Is there a way to softmod this version with zelda / twilight hack e.g. bannerbomb type hack?

    Obviously I dont want to connect the wii to the internet as it would update to firmware 4.3, rendering all softmods useless...

    As im round his place at the moment, I have no games and such with me so I was wondering if there is anyway to update the wii to something like 3.4 / 4.2 manually via a download / sd card?

    (any advise on which firmware we should upgrade to?)

    Hopefully someone can help!

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    I personally am on 3.2 and I have no intention on upgrading it.
    You can upgrade to a lower version than 4.3 by using a game to update your console's system.
    Don't really know which games have which updates.. Once you're on a higher update, just use the bannerbomb method and you're good to go!
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