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Thread: Xbox 360 Transfer Cable Question

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    Xbox 360 Transfer Cable Question

    I was wondering before I go buy one. Can you use the cable simply to connect your HDD to your Xbox 360?

    I want to be able to easily remove my HDD without having to put it on top of the 360.

    So what I mean is if I connect my HDD through the transfer cable (USB) will my HDD then be seen by the Xbox 360 and then work as if it was hooked up normally?

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    This cable i'm afraid is just for copying data across, but a recent update from M$ now allows you to use a usb hdd for game saves, although i'm not sure of the exact size off hand.

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    Yeah I found out by buying was just $20 bucks but I can return it.

    Shame. I use my USB HDD with my xbox but I need to use my existing 120g 360 HDD externally. The reason is I unhook the unit quite a bit and its hard to get to where my xbox would be easier if I could have plugged it in rather than put it on top of my box..but I guess this isn't doable unless I create my own cord some how.. :\


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