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Thread: USB Loader GX Small problem

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    USB Loader GX Small problem

    followed the Dogeggs (softmod) and gen3sf (USB loading) tutorials.... great work guys...


    I installed the USB Loader GX forwarder, and on my SD card in apps/usbloader_gx i put the latest .dol file (r938)

    it works fine, but theres one small issue. When I have a disc already in the drive and hit (+) to rip it, the "install a game" popup appears; then when I hit yes, I am returned to the USB loader menu but the rip process never initiates.

    the workaround I found was to PUT a disc in (rather than have it already it). This triggers the "New Disc Detected" popup, when I select install, the rip begins properly.

    this isn't a big issue but has anyone encountered this error?

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    Some Wiis are finicky so to speak, and GX is somewhat buggy at times. There are other loader available that are much better as far as GUI, themes, options, etc. WiiFlow can be found in my sig, and configurable is highly recommended.
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