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Thread: should I update HBC to ver: 1.07?

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    should I update HBC to ver: 1.07?

    I ask this becuase I heard some emulators dont work, and its buggy when launching bootmii and going back to the system menu. I also heard it removes DVDX whitch I dont care about becuase I have dreaded d2-3 drive. should I update or should I wait for a more stable release?

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    Seems stable to me. All my Apps worked...I installed it the day it came out. Where exactly did you hear these things?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I have a softmodded 4.2 E, can i update HBC with no impact to my apps ?

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    It works just fine. I have no issues with bootmii and return to menu works just fine. Also it will only remove dvdx if you chosse the option to remove dvdx during install. Which dosent matter anyway since its no longer used.
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    I allready deleted DVDX via any title deleter a while back. I guess ill wait for about 75% of my homebrews to update with the new banners. I herd that about V7 not being stable on certain sites but cant copy and paste as I m useing wii/psp.


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