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Thread: USB Backups Freeze Repeatedly

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    Cool USB Backups Freeze Repeatedly

    I have an original Wii with 4.2u software and I recently installed the Homebrew and Neogamma R8 Beta 15. I have an old laptop harddrive in a USB enclosure that is formatted to WBFS with 5 ISOs on it. My problems are as follows:


    NSMB: Game freezes while entering certain levels. (Entering the Castle on World 4 is the only one I can't avoid so this is definitely the worst one)

    Tiger Woods '11: Freezes during the score card screen after completing the first hole. The scroll bar at the bottom keeps moving but it never allows me to progress to the second hole.

    Scene It? Bright Lights, Big Screen: Randomly freezes during video clips.

    Resident Evil - Darkside Chronicles: plays through the intro movies but then won't load the main menu screen.

    Silent Hill - Shattered Memories: Works fine so far!! (Knock on wood)


    So my question is...What can I assume is the problem?

    The actual game ISO file?
    Do I need to install some Wii IOS's. (I know nothing about what these do but I have seen them as solutions)
    Different homebrew app?
    New hard drive?

    I have been burning Wii ISO's to DVD's for over a year now and using them on my friend's Wii hardmodded with a DriveKey. I have tried burning a couple of these games onto DVD's and can't even get them to LOAD with either Neogamma or my friend's Wii. Because they only load from the hard drive, I would like to assume that the hard drive is not the problem.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I am VERY tech savvy but am equally clueless about Wiihacking so complicated explanations are welcome as I learn very quickly.

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    It could be the hard drive, what make/model is it? As for dvd loading u may have the new chipset which prevents it, this came out in 2008.

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    D3-2 came out in 2009, didn't it?

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    2008 sometime I think , around the end.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    It is a 60gb Toshiba laptop hard drive in an external enclosure. My Wii is the original model purchased the first week it was released.
    I figured that because it loaded the games and partially played them off of the hard drive, that it was't the problem.

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