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Thread: Back to loader problem (usb loader GX)

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    Back to loader problem (usb loader GX)


    Not a serious problem. I've just updated to the latest versions of homebrew usb loader and Priiloader. on a 4.2E Wii.

    When I load up Usbloader it seems to work fine but if I press the home button and then click back to loader I just get a black screen (what is it supposed to do??).

    I've also been having trouble getting priiloader to load USB loader directly... but I think I've worked that out the .dol file isn't the same one in the apps folder (like it says on some threads) but is a link to it (you can download the forwarder). Lots of people are having this problem because both files are called boot.dol

    Im hoping someone can help

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    Im wondering if its because homebrew is in a different folder on the new 4.3 firmware?? Can anybody help?

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    Angry irritating

    I have the same problem and it sux going alllt he way back to wii menu then starting up usb loader every time you want switch games! Help!

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    It must be s cIOS issue! I am using usb loader gx v2.0 with 249 rev 17 base 38. Everything u mentioned is working great for me. What version of gx and cIOS are u using?


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