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    Donated today

    Just finished donating, the info I have read and currently gleaning from this site is immensely appreciated. I now have my 11 games on a hard drive! Bought a 500GB, didn't know that the few games I have are so small, oh well, nothing like overkill, live and learn. Thanks WiiHacks!

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    Thanks for your donation. Great to hear you have been successfully using the guides and other site resources. Plenty of room to back up your Wii games for some time.

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    Yeah, I got it before I found the scrubbed game size list on the site, didn't need all of that space after all. But it is coming in handy right now, did install WiiMC, awesome program, now just playing my videos and all until I get permission from the wife to get a WD Live +, I want that Netflix streaming and all that comes with it, and if I win the contest for the 2TB hard drive, be a perfect companion for it also! No more burning CD-R or DVD-R's!


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