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Thread: updating my chipped wii

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    Talking updating my chipped wii

    i recently chipped my wii and now that the new updae is out i want to update it, the guys at the mod shop said that u cant update ur wii or u would loose the software they have loaded onto it, does any 1 no about this that could help me pplz.

    i also backed up my games to an external hdd but i saved 1 particular game to another hdd and i want to send it to the one im using now, does any1 no how to do this.

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    it's likely a new WiiSystem update will off-set the previously installed cios. And, it would cause problem using LOADERs.
    modchip updating is of different issue. updating the modchip will not affect cios/IOS and LOADERs, but a change to the chip's functions (e.g. disc-reading, block updating, ....etc.)
    so, suggest u not to update WiiSystem, as long as ur ISO and usbHardDisk and LOADERs are working 'normally'.
    if ur games are stored in HDD wbfs-formatted, u could transfer the games fm other hdd with the wbfs-manager-v3.
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    Talking Where is wbfs thingy located

    Hey thnx so much for that help but hoW do I find out if the games are saved in the wbfs dormat and where will I be able to download that from and how does the whole process work

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    Thnx so much for ur help I have downloaded and already found out how to use wbfs manager, for any1 thinkin of gettin it get but if ur using windows 7 get the 3.0 version 64 , it doesn't work with 86,


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