What is this?
It is a method to allow people from all regions to use exploits for games that wouldn't normally run on their Wii.

How does it work?
Simply get a game with multiple non-update-partitions that boots on your Wii. Then replace a non-game partition with the game partition from a game which has a working exploit. I have only tested this with MarioKart, but I don't see why it won't work with any game that switches partitions. And since there is a MarioKart for all regions, everybody should be covered.

What do I need?
It requires a way to boot non-retail games ( mod-chip or cIOScrap ).
Since you are combining 2 games into 1, it will result in a really huge image. So, you need a DVD-DL or a wode or some other way to play a bigass game.
No trucha bug required .

How do I do it?
Dump the 2 games you want to use, grab the DATA partition from the game that has the exploit. Put it in place of the non-game partition in the other game. Load the thing and trigger the partition change. It will start the second game and you can go on to run the exploit and do whatever you want with it.