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Thread: Play PAL iso on NTSC Wii

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    Play PAL iso on NTSC Wii

    I have a PAL iso and I tried to play it on my NTSC Wii through WiiFlow and USB Loader GX. When I didn't change any of the settings on the loaders the game would start but it would be black and white. When I did change the settings to force PAL or NTSC the game wouldn't load at all and it would stay at a black screen. I burned the iso to a disk so I could play it through Gecko OS and I didn't change any of the settings in Gecko OS and the game started perfectly (with color and audio).

    How can I make a PAL iso work normally (with color and audio) on an NTSC Wii?

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    I suppose first off, what game are you trying to load up? Have you checked to see if aforementioned game is on the trouble list? You may need a simple fix!
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    plz name ur PAL game, see if i got it playable on my NTSC.
    i got wiiFlow_v2 and GX_r9xx installed. ciosr17. (not 19 , yet)


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