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    Wii Fusion

    Hello all,
    I have a new wii I just purchased last week when my wiifusion arrived. I installed the fusion and all is well! Wii works with original games and shows the GameCube option in the channel.
    So this is the thing, I have a 64 bit system that I use WBFS manager 3.0 to format the sd card and load the .iso's on. When I try to load the sd card I keep getting the disk canít be read?? Not sure why that is any help would be great.

    The wii is 4.2U version not sure the drive but I could look up the SR# if that really matters. Also can I use DVD+R's for copied games or do I need DVD-R's.

    Thanks for any help in this.

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    Moved to more appropriate/relevant section of the site (Wiikey Fusion). While not directly answering your main question, be aware if this Wii is less than a year old then you won't be able to use burned discs.

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    Thanks for the reply! The wiifusion states it will run with back ups of my originals. I just bought Tiger woods 09 and footbal 09 and dont want the kids to trash them so I thought I would make copies so that could just scrath them and burn new ones as needed, also could place on SD card and thne they could only loose the SD card but would have the originals to go back too. I will post in the other section you spoke about sorry new to the thread world but old to PC's. Thanks again have a good one.


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