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Thread: priiloader wont install

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    priiloader wont install

    hi i recently updated my HBC to 1.0.7 and priiloader 0.3 stopped autobooting so i tried upgrading to priiloader 0.4 and whenever i installed it there would be no errors and i would restart my wii after it brought me back to HBC and it would no longer bring me back to the system menu so i tried again and again no priiloader so i decided to go back to 0.3 and now that wont even work i have used the trucha bug and signed everything that needs to be signed my wii worked fine until i uninstalled priiloader now i can get it back please help./

    i dont care if i cant get 0.4 to work as long as i have priiloader.

    thank you

    also im using 4.2u

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    Did you follow the guide to updating priiloader? it says that you have to install your system menu first, then install the patched IOS, then install the updated version of priiloader.
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