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Thread: Play imported games on virgin 4.2E wii console?

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    Play imported games on virgin 4.2E wii console?

    I have read a number of threads and the amount of information and applications are overwhelming!

    I currently have a wii with a 4.2E firmware which I purchased a few weeks after launch which has never been soft/hard modded!
    I use to use datel's freeloader to play imported games from Japan and America on my European wii however due to a game forcing me to update i am unable to play these imported games. :'(
    On a number of youtube videos and websites I have found out that the homebrew channel and geckoOS can allow you to play official games from any region but I am a noob when it comes to modding and am afraid that I may brick my wii if I do not softmod it carefully, for this reason I wanted to ask a few questions.

    I have been reading through messie's guide which seems very helpful however it does not mention some things.

    How much space is required on my SD card?
    How can I format my SD card to a FAT32?
    Is this a reliable guide?
    No External Links Please
    Will I definitely be able to play Japanese, American, European games on my wii after this softmod?
    What sections of this guide applies to me if I JUST want to play European and imported games?

    Thank you in advance and sorry if I am repeating any questions which have been asked before.
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    Youtube is a good way to brick your wii. Use ALL of messie's guide, format your sd to fat32 using the formater in his guide, and install neogamma and usbloaderGX from his guide. You play out of region games by forcing the video settings in those loaders.

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    Where is the formatter?
    I cannot see it in messie's guide?

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    It was dogeggs guide that had it. Download this HERE to format your card

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    In your opinion, which guide do you think is better for a noob which will enable me to play imports?
    Messie's or Shadowsonic?
    Sorry for asking so many questions

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    I like shadows but both work good. Read them and decide which one you like. (Only follow ONE guide, not both)
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Can you give me another link to the formatter because the link you sent me keeps saying wait another 9 minutes

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    lol, I didn't give you the link. It works fine for me. I just downloaded it.....uploaded it to mediafire...sdfv2003.exe
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    lol thanks!

    What options do i select?
    quick or full (erase on/off)
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    Full Format (Watch the double posts please)
    Damn I suck!!!!

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