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Thread: Errors After Burning a game

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    Errors After Burning a game

    Hello my friend and i just recently soft modded my wii and i was burning games to test it out using the mac burning game guide in this forums, my first game was Tatsunoko vs Capcom and i burned it on a verbatim dvd-r and it burned fine, i inserted it into my wii and ran neogamma to run the game, after it loaded nothing happened, my wii started to make a noise like the cd keept trying to spin over and over again but the game wouldnt load, and i burned the game at 4x speed also

    also i was wondering one more question, the ios i have on my wii most of them are updated pass the number recommended for the games based on a list from the site, does that effect if the game will play or not?
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    How old is the Wii? Are you sure the image file you burned works (you could try it on another friend's Wii). What System Menu/Region is your Wii? What softmod guide did you follow? Your mention of "some other site" raises the possibility you didn't do a wiihacks guide.

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    my wii is prolly about 2-3 years of age? and the image files are from and i will prolly try it whenever i see him next time my wii is an american wii and for system menu i believe its 4.1U, friend did the modding and i followed this guide and i think installed one extra thing which is a multi mod manager?


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