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Thread: Selling Xbox 360 and psp

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    Us Selling Xbox 360 and psp

    I am selling my perfectly working Xbox 360 that is in great condition for 120 dollars.
    It has 3 games that comes with is which are
    Super street fighter 4, Halo 3, and Devil may cry 4
    It also has accessories which are a headset, 2 controllers, and a 20GB harddrive to start of with.
    You can bid one here for 120 and 135 to buy it today.
    Xbox 360 Arcade with 3 games and more! - eBay (item 170518367766 end time Aug-03-10 10:39:20 PDT)

    Then the psp 3000 is for sale for 100 dollars.
    Its in perfect working condition and comes with 4 games and a memory stick
    the 4 games are
    Super street fighter Alpha 3, Daxter, Ape escape on the loose, and Ratchet and clank a crack in time.
    It comes with the chargers and a carrying case which holds up to 4 games.
    psp link
    PSP 3000

    Have questions please pm me.
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