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Thread: Nand Back up

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    Nand Back up

    I just soft modded my Wii (4.2 u) my question is it too late for me to back up my nand files in case I do something later and brick my wii?

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    It is strongly recommended that you back your Wii's NAND, wait 5 or 10 mins for NAND backup to complete

    On your PC, make a new folder called "Wii backup"

    Copy these files to "Wii backup" folder: nand.bin, keys.bin, bootmii folder

    After you copy them to the "Wii backup folder" delete them from your SD Card

    Hope this helps

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    Nope. Just start BootMii and create your NAND backup. It will save as SD://NAND.BIN and it'll work just fine.
    Assuming your Wii works fine at the time of the NAND backup that is.

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    As said above you can still do it

    Save these sd:\bootmii
    sd:\key.bin on your PC after doing it
    Downgrade from 4.3 to 4.1

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