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Thread: Pokemon Battle Revolution Internet problems

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    Pokemon Battle Revolution Internet problems

    I got wireless router AirLive WL-5406AP v2, and I created wireless network. I use Cable Internet (modem is: Motorola SB4200E SURFboard Cable Modem). I tried connection test and it was successful. When I try to connect in Pokemon Battle Revolution, sometimes I pass "Connecting to Nintendo Wi-FI (or something like that)". But in the middle of the fight I got "Connection has been interrupted (again, something like that)". And I often get 91010, 81010 and 71010 errors. What should I do? I went to the Nintendo's site and looked what are those errors. I tried everything, I changed channel to 1 (it was 3). Now I want to ask does Pokemon Battle Revolution requires some special settings? Mario Kart works fine online. Thanks!!!

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    in your wireless router settings, set the wireless channel to: 1, 6 or 11 (try one by one) -> (nintendo's tips)

    if this don't work, try to set manually the IP settings on your wii console!


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