This tutorial stickied on the Wode site is still valid.
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Zephyr clarifies the situation rather well.

Actually - the tutorial still works fine. You just have to be on 4.2 or below for it to work AND ensure you use the 1.0.6 hackmii installer and not the new 1.0.7 installer.

Once you have installed the HBC and DvDx you can then update the HBC to 1.0.7 if you want the new look etc. Upgrading to 1.0.7 does not remove DvDx - it is the upgrade to Wii System Menu 4.3 that removes DvDx. 1.0.7 also does not have the options to install DvDx.

So again, the tutorial still works fine for 4.2 and below. I recommend still using this tutorial on 4.2 and below with Hackmii Installer 1.0.6, install HBC and DvDx and then upgrade to 1.0.7 if you like.

Of course the tutorial may need to be modified to state 4.2 and below and stipulate to use the 1.0.6 installer before 1.0.7 until r-win, hopefully, releases WodeBrew updates compatible with the new HBC with no DvDx