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Thread: D2Pro V3 & WiiClip V4 Install from 360Upgrades

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    D2Pro V3 & WiiClip V4 Install from 360Upgrades

    Hi folks, just thought I'd let you know I bought a d2pro v3 and a Wii clip v4 from Steve @ Ordered it Monday and received and fitted it last night to my D2E wii. It worked first time, the only issue was that my firmware was 3.1E so I had to upgrade it to play my backup of mariokart. The price, service and comms from Steve was excellent !

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    If the clip is ruined then he can't resell the item, but definiately should give some option to replace the clip for a fee at the least. i would check to make sure its a real clip and not a fake one wii-clip for WIIKEY,D2CKEY,D2CPRO,ARGON,D2PRO, WASABI and DMS,D2A,D2B,D2C for wii console!
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    Steve actually advertises on his site that he is a reseller of the wiiclip and is also listed on their website as a seller. I can also confirm that the clip he supplied me was an original.


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