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Thread: Disk Read Error

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    Unhappy Disk Read Error

    One night my Wii was running perfectly fine and I left it on and I went to bed. I returned to it the next day and Brawl was still running so I turned the system off to switch games. Once I went to neogamma and tried playing another game I would just get the Disk Read Error message. So I tried a couple other burnt games and none of them worked either. THEN I tried running actual official Nintendo games and I STILL got the Disk Read Error message. So I am wondering if I glitched my Wii somehow? or I just have a burnt out laser now. I am will to reformat my Wii to test it out but you will have to recommend me to a guide for that option. Any thoughts about what the problem might be or how to fix it would be highly appreciated!

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    just sounds like your drive has failed, these things happen.

    replacements available on ebay

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