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Thread: Hello from DarkUmbra.Net

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    Ca Hello from DarkUmbra.Net


    Hey guys, I'm from a forum called DarkUmbra.Net and I am the Co-Adminastrator.
    We're mainly based around the Nintendo Wii Console but we do have forums for discussing other platforms, such as the Xbox 360 and the Sony Playstation.

    This is probably one of the first sites I came to when I decided to hack my Wii, a little over a year ago. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you guys know that you're doing a great job with the site.

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    Always nice to cross paths with some folks from similar-interests sites, thanks for the post and mention.

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    You have a great site going on there jj, again thanks for putting in the time to make those customs. My son is going to love them. It is great to see someone do more than just randomly browse torrent sites after modding. Giving back is what it is all about. Keep it up man.

    I would recommend to anyone who reads this thread to check out your site.
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    No worries man...
    We have another one in the works... Stay posted.


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