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Thread: Wii Backup Manager issues

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    Wii Backup Manager issues

    Sorry if this belongs to Dumping & Burning, but I wasn't sure.

    This is a wonderful piece of software, granted, but:
    1) It shows as invalid games I can install with other managers (SSBB and Wii Party).
    2) Weirdest of all: I could extract all my WBFS partition's games to a NTFS partition except SSBB. It is canceled when the process is finished, the file is deleted from NTFS and it is shown in red letters. I can play the game perfectly, but it won't be extracted to a .wbfs file. I tried the original ISO to try to transform it, but it will show as invalid. CISO (via isotociso) also doesn't work.

    Any ideas?

    Ah, yes, I'm running XP 32 SP3. Tried changing temp folder to no avail.
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