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Thread: D2E Wii w v2 Wasabi & V5 wii clip

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    D2E Wii w v2 Wasabi & V5 wii clip

    This is my first mod.

    I tried the clip with all points bridged on the wii clip.
    It started up with a green led and no drive movement.

    Then i tried all points bridged and F to F
    It started up with a red led to a green led(which i thought was good posted in the install video) No drive movement. Then i tried with the clk unbridged , with the same outcome.

    Do i have to bridge the D2B or DMS pads???
    I am suppost to bridge all 9 points with a D2e or 5????(wasabi tells me 9)
    I am not quite sure what i do from here?????

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    Hi Barlowk,

    im very new to the Wii mods, but what I've read so far you need a Wasabi V3 for D2E, not the V2. Maybe V3 ist just a software change on the Wasabi, but than you still need a modded Wii to flash your V2 to V3.

    Just thoughts of a noob, bye mikey667.

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    Thanks man.
    Ive done some reading and i think you right. D2e works with V3. (wasabi tells me different) Also i found out the my V5 clip is a fake from

    So i have purchased a wiikey2 with a yellow sticker.

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    wiikey2 is a very good choice easy to install
    we are still awaiting ours , should be here in time for our clips.
    Send me a PM if you need any support

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    Thanks for the help Spyman
    I tired to order from canadamods but , you guys were sold out.


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