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Thread: wiiSX beta 2 channel install

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    wiiSX beta 2 channel install

    Hi there, I needed to make my own channel for this for my little brother to use easily.

    So i decided to make my own forwarding wad using customisemii for wiiSX beta2
    The wad was installed successfully, but on loading I get..

    FAT initialiszed!
    Found boot.dol in /apps/wiiSX folder on sd!
    File size: 1793376 bytes
    Memory allocated
    Reading file file, please wait
    File read successfully
    Loading dol...
    But then as soon as it outputs "Loading dol" my controller unsyncs and the wii's crashed.

    was wondering if anyone's attempted this and had success? or maybe has had a similar problem they have solved?

    Oh, and loading the boot.dol from the homebrew channel instead does work.


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    ah no i hadn't seen that!
    sorry thats my bad, i probably could have found that through searching abit more.

    Thank you!


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