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Thread: Query "External Xbox 360 Mod Chip'

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    Query "External Xbox 360 Mod Chip'

    any1 know if there is something similar to this that can be externally plugged into your xbox360 and removed when going online so as to play back upped games offline and original cds online catch my drift....

    External Xbox 360 Mod Chip -- Keep your warranty homie | HackGenius

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    Sorry fella, but there is no chip to my knowledge, internal or external. This is a waste of money. Its cheaper to buy the ck3 and the probe if needed (imo). As for live....... if you have a virgin dvd drive then flash with the new LT fw available for all models now except hitachi and the new slim. Then make sure you patch your backed up games with the SSv2 and DMI from games list.

    This is said to be the safest way yet by C4e the FW creator. I myself have been playing on live like this for 3months now, but I guess we'll have to wait and see in the next banning wave. pmsl

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