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Thread: Black Wii for sale

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    Black Wii for sale

    Black Wii for sale!

    • 4.1U System Menu
    • Fully softmoded
    • Homebrew Channel
    • DVDx
    • Bootmii installed as IOS
    • Prilloader with update hacks installed
    • Indiana Pwns
    • DARKCORP System IOS30, IOS50, IOS60 and IOS70
    • Non D3-2 chipset (Plays backup DVD-R's)
    • Custom "Black Pirate" theme
    • USB Loader GX R921
    • Neogamma R8

    • Black Wii (modded case)
    • Black Remote
    • Black Nunchuck
    • Sensor Bar
    • Power Supply
    • NAND backup on CD

    Not included:
    • Games of any kind
    • SD card
    • Hard drive

    Price: $200 + $10 Shipping (US only)
    I except PayPal only. I must receive payment before shipping. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    *This Wii is refurbished and is sold as is. No returns. No refunds.

    I am putting this on eBay very soon so get it now before it's to late.
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    You should take more pictures of that case, pretty nice price

    Do you send to forwarder adresses?
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    If you are interested in buying it then I can take more pictures but I think you get the gist of it. And as long as USPS will deliver to a forwarder address, I really don't care as long as it in inside the US.


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