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Thread: Which Wii drive should I look to get?

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    Which Wii drive should I look to get?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a used Wii with the intention of doing a hardmod as well as a softmod. I've done some research, and I believe I will go with the Wiikey2 chip; although, if you have any suggestions to that regard, please tell me!

    Anyways, in my search for a used Wii, I've found 1 D3 unit, a few D2C units, and several D2B units. I haven't been able to find a D2E yet however. I'm wondering, based off those possibilities, which one should I look to get in order to get the most long term compatibility, and stability with the mod chip, as well as a softmod, assuming the dvd drive makes a difference for the softmod. Anyways, I've been lurking these boards doing some research, and I would appreciate all the help I can get with this topic. Thanks in advance!

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    Alright, so I ended up getting a Wii with a D2C drive and 4.2u software update. Based off this, do you guys think I should go with Wiikey 2 or Wasabi DX as far as modchips go?


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