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Thread: A new hackmii installer 0.7 has been released by TT.

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    A new hackmii installer 0.7 has been released by TT.

    A new hackmii installer has been released by TT.

    Use Indiana Pwns (Indiana Pwns - WiiBrew) or Smash Stack (NTSC-U, Smash Stack - WiiBrew) to launch installer on virgin Wii's.

    DVDx has been removed if on 4.3, so wodebrew software needs fixing to run without DVDx.
    It's safe to update your existing HBC , just don't remove your DVDx via the hackmii installer 0.7.
    You can still use GeckoOS for out of region games on 4.3.

    The latest version of hackmii installer is 0.7.
    Priiloader 0.4 works fine, but you have to use Launch title to exit to the new HBC 0.7,
    If you want to exit to the new HBC, use the beta version 0.5 Beta4, download here.
    This has a very good online update.
    Priiloader_Beta.dol - priiloader - Priiloader 0.5 -- BETA 4 -- NO THIS IS NOT REV 98 - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Do not uninstall DVDx or reinstall bootmii, without checking the readme's.


    * New title id to circumvent its deletion by System Menu 4.3.
    * New look from our favorite pixel artist drmr.
    * Both views now show five rows of application entries.
    * On-NAND settings.
    * HBC now has the HW_AHBPROT flags set for direct hardware access, thus replacing DVDX.
    * Ability to not reload IOS when launching an application.
    * USB access is more stable, thanks to tueidj
    * Fixed the retry mechanism for the network initialization.
    * Fixed some rare hangs upon launch and exit (Hopefully all of them).

    If you updated and want to go back, here is the previous version.

    here is a download of the previous version 0.6
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