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Thread: Netflix connectivity issues that I know shouldn't be happening

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    Netflix connectivity issues that I know shouldn't be happening

    Wii System Info
    System Menu: 4.1
    Region: USA/NTSC
    Homebrew Channel: 1.0.6
    DvdX - No
    Mod chips: No

    (Note: I bypass the system update via HBC; I refuse to update to 4.2 or 4.3 as they're trivial)

    Okay, maybe there's something really screwed up with Comcast or my possibly our D-link router, but every time I load Netflix, everything seems to load perfectly fine. That's where I get deceived; about 5-10 minutes in (a movie or TV show), the streaming audio seems to come to halt; it says "retrieving" and hangs there for more than a minute. I go back to the Instant Queue and the icons that were there are no longer there. To top things off, it tells me that the connection was lost and won't reconnect no matter how many times I try. At first I thought it was due to the wii being behind my TV, so I moved it out front. Nope. Didn't help.
    My current ISP is Comcast (since all others in this area suck, like Qwest and Digis) and I use a D-link router (since there are three computers sharing an internet connection). I've had the router for what, maybe a year, if even that. I know that streaming is by no means perfect and there are bound to be issues here and there, but, this frequently? There's something screwed up. Is it because I use software to bypass the disc update partition or what? Resolving network issues on a computer is one thing, but on the wii, it's a different story. I know this should NOT be happening.

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    I have the same issue, except sometimes it actually finishes retrieving and starts playing again. I assumed it was a problem with my wireless router being on the other side of the house. I guess I'll know when my repeater arrives.

    EDIT: repeater solved the problem.
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    All of the D-Link routers and APs I've had that were regular "consumer" grade fare were pretty much horrible. The "business class" D-Link hardware is much better (and more $$$).

    Running several torrents through the low end stuff was enough to make them overheat or crash in a reliable manner.

    Wireless routers are so cheap, you may want to consider going and picking up a Linksys or Buffalo router that's DD-WRT or OpenWRT capable. That way, if you're not happy with something about them, you have options.

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    It happens to me a lot. But on 360. It depends on ur connection and router. I had a TimeCapsule touter by apple, and Netflix and my 360 just didnt want to run always disconecting. Netgear is ok, cept of you download massive file (10+gb at once at 1.7mb/s) it tends to die, and needs to be reset. Belikin is ok, but acts up once in a while.

    Try a new router.
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